Yorgos Karamihos

Capelli: castani
Occhi: neri
Lingue: inglese
Skills: Tai Chi, Reiki Master, Traditional Greek Dances (professional level), Yoga, Horse and Motorbike riding, Car driving, Singing, Modern Dance, Painting,


Born And Raised in Veria, North Greece

-Well Kept Secrets - Athanasia lead P.Karkanevatos
-Bang-Bang Wedding lead  Christine Crokos
-Fugitive Pieces supporting  Jeremy Podeswa
-Like Chef, Like God lead Stergios Niziris
-Playing Parts lead P. Portokalakis
-Short Fuse  supporting K.Skiftas        
-Dos supporting S.Athanasiou
-What a Wonderful Day lead Ntinos Mavroidis
-Apnea  supporting  A.Bafaloukas
-Earth and Water lead P.Karkanevatos
-Without Borders supporting N.Gaitatjis
-Dimitra’s Dreams(short) supporting F.Bartellini
-My Doll(short) lead N.Kourouklis
-Beware  the Bear(short)lea V.Vellopoulou
-ISTORIA 52 narrator A.Alexiou
-Just Broke Up lead  V.Myrianthopoulos
-El Greco supporting Yiannis Smaragdis
-Extended Play supporting Yiannis Xanthopoulos
-Among Friends lead N.Zapatinas
-What a Wonderful Day lead Ntinos Mavroidis
-Lisa and the Others lead Nikos Perakis
-Die Last, Die Better supporting V. Blioumis
-Destroy All Brains (short) supporting D. Emanouilidis
-Oxygen supporting Reppas Papathanasiou
-Save me  supporting Stratos Tzitzis
-Error(short) lead Petros Silvestros
* Most of the films were featured in Tokyo, Berlin, Rotterdam, Hollywood, Thessaloniki and other International film festivals.

- The Dream Catcher (2009-2012)  lead ANT1
- Matomena Homata (2008) lead ALPHA TV
- Se eida(2008) guest ALPHA TV
- Istories Astynomou Mpeka (2007) guest ALPHA TV
- Plaka Mou Kaneis (2007) lead ANT1   TV
- The Last Performance (2006) lead ALPHA TV
- Contact (2005) lead MEGA TV
- Nobody Says I Love You (2004)lead MEGA TV
- The 10th Commandment (2004)lead ALPHA TV
- Leni(2003) lead MEGA TV
- Joy’s Café (2003) lead ANTENNA TV
- Go(2002) lead  MEGA TV
- The Nanny(2002) guest  MEGA TV
- The Red Circle(2001) lead ALPHA TV

- La Ronde (2013) 5Men  Greek Theatre of Art
- The Cherry Orchard (2013) Gayev Stella Adler Theatre
- The Method Gronholm(2008-2012)Fernando Greek Theatre of Art
- Do You Remember the Magnolias in Nikaragoua? M.Kakogiannis Theatre
- Greece Eleven (2011) Greek M.Kakogiannis Theatre
-The 4 Eyes(2009) Minister Greek Theatre of Art
-Argo,The Come Back Journey(2007) The Poet  N.Kios Theatre
-The Rose Tattoo(2007) Alvaro Greek Theatre of Art
-Faith(2006)  Ken Emporikon
-Helen who?(2004-5) Paris National Greek Theatre
-Proof(2003)  Hal Mousouri Theatre
-Lulu(2002)  Alva Athinais Theatre
-Much Ado About nothing (2001)  Claudio Theatre of south
-Diziness before slaughter(2000) Aimilius  Theatre of south
-Mikis Theodorakis Musical (1999) Yiannis Patras Theatre
-Troyan Women(1998) Talthibius  Theatrokinisi
-Erotokritos(1997)Erotokritos Theatre of sun
-Electra(1996) Pylades National Greek Theatre
-Acharness(1995) Chorus National Greek Theatre
-Troyan women(1994) Menelaus Corfu theatre

-La Ronde (2013) Greek Theatre of Art
-Contra el Amor (2012) Arti Theatre(Athens)
-Almost by chance a woman Elisabeth(2012) Aggelon Vima Theatre(Athens)
-Jusq’ a que la mort nous separe(2012) M.Kakogiannis Theatre(Athens)
-The last hour belongs to poetry and music(2012)  Ianos culture Café(Athens)
-Souvenir/F.F.Jenkins(2011) Aggelon Vima Theatre(Athens)
-Do you remember the Magnolias in Nikaragoua?(2011) M.Kakogiannis Theatre (Athens)
-The Notary (2010-2011) New Greek Theatre(Athens+Tour)
-Apres Moi le Deluge (2009) Mavromihali Theatre(Athens)

-Stella Adler Acting School Los Angeles as a Fulbright Scholar (2012-3)
-National Greek Theatre Drama School in Athens (graduated 2000)
-History Department of the Ionian University in Corfu (graduated 1995)

Fluent in Greek, English, French, Spanish.
Partially Fluent in Italian, German and Turkish</h3>

-In 2008 won the first award as the best stage actor of Greece for his performance in “The Method Gronholm” (Athinorama Theatre Awards).
-In 2012 received the Fulbright Scholarship as an exceptional artist.
For seven years he teaches “Acting on stage and in front of the camera”, at several Drama Schools in Athens introducing his own technique based on animal archetypes. Since 2013 he teaches his own technique (the K-Zoo technique) applied on Ancient Greek Tragedy and Comedy at the Stella Adler Acting Academy in Los Angeles.
Translated many theatre plays into Greek from English and Spanish.
One of them, “The Method Gronholm” by Jordi Galceran, is published and performed at the Greek Theatre of Art in Athens and won a Nominee for the best translation of 2008 by EKEMEL.

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